The key to enjoying the scenery year round isn’t much exciting, or secretive: it’s structure planning and design. To be successful in four seasons of landscaping, we must understand the design, color and shape and how the techniques are appropriate to create your landscaping. The ultimate goal of enjoying your garden all year round depends on the selection of  flowers trees and  shrubs  so that we can harness their natural life cycle.

From spring on, we can divide the season into two parts, plants that bloom in early and late spring. This way, when the flowers and early spring blooms begin to drop, the late spring plants begin to bloom fully. Due to this tiered approach, we have to distribute these plants throughout the layout as we don’t want one part to open up when the other gardens are inactive. If we don’t look at the big picture, we may be lucky and things may look good naturally, but with the right foresight we can enjoy different life cycles to enjoy the flowers for as long as possible without the need. new plants. the season is changing.

With the long summer days at hand, we don’t see as many blossoms as spring, because it is the time when our hardwork bear  fruits. Flower buds turn into fruit, and trees fill with shades of deep green that blend into summer vacations. Here we might have plants selection that thrive in the great heat and the long summer days are starting to show their true colors.

As the days get shorter and fall begins to descend on our terraces and gardens, we struggle to find  additional flowering plants; instead, we can focus on translating the leaves into colorful centerpiece. We can now count on trees, ornamental grasses and shrubs as they are powerful actors in the changing beauty of the leaves. These plants are our last sight of the colors we see this season because we know winter is coming and we finally see what is meant by “shape” as shown above.

The leaves are falling and starting to become a colorful mess, littering our terraces and gardens. The air is no longer filled with the sweet scented flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass and the buzz of bumblebees that poison the day. However, that does not mean that we are lost because we have an ace in the hole, just as we choose flowering plants for a staggered flowering period and shrubs and trees for their beautiful, color changing leaves. So we also plant some “sleepers” who do not start showing their gifts until after the leaves have fallen.

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