A sofa is an inevitable part of our time spent in living room not merely an idle furniture piece. Sofa is utilized every day either it is guest visiting our home , small family gathering , watching a movie with your loved ones etc. Whenever you plan to buy a sofa , you have to be crystal clear what you are looking for !

Sofa purchasing process should not be taken lightly , choosing the right sofa mean you are investing wisely in a furniture piece that will last longer for your family.

Before you head to the local or online stores , you should have answers to some basic questions like

* What size will work ?

* How it will be used?

* At what frequency the sofa will be used.

* Are there animals and kids around?

* What is the room traffic (how many people will be using it a time?)

Some other considerations that need to be made regarding buying a sofa are as follow.


You should take proper measurements of your room dimensions along existing furniture before visiting the store and assessing new sofas.


The best and reliable sofa frames are solid, densely grained, knot-free hardwood (such as oak, birch , poplar, alder, ash, birch). These frames are kiln-dried, a process which removes the moisture to help prevent any sort of cracking and twisting.


Hand-tied springs are the golden standards for Sofas. They are a series of heavy-gauge metal coil springs which are set into the seat of the sofa frame and tied by hand with waxed twine in a series of interlocking knots.


Cushions provide sofa the ultimate style, look and feel. Cushions are usually available in soft, firm and medium form. You can choose amongst one of these densities to suit your requirements.


You will also need to decide on the type of fabric you want on your sofa. Do you want opt for a leather couch or plush fabric or any other. When considering the fabric, you should given consideration to the durability factor. Fabrics like heavy cotton can last much longer time , same is the case with leather fabrics.

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