Wearing vintage does not  necessarily mean you are wearing second clothing. It might just be that you have something from times gone past that circled its way into today. All clothing makes a comeback some way or another. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry or an item of clothing, a hat or a scarf.

Fashion has always been  influenced by a variety of social, political and cultural forces. The industrial revolution created new materials, processes and hope. As women became more independent the fabrics got lighter and less constrictive contours. The restrictive femine look was broken in the 1960’s with mini skirts, mini dresses and loud fabrics. Today, after the roaring 1970’s and the pandemic we are back flowing dresses, cargo pants and comfortable clothing.

Fashion would be nowhere if it were not for the designers as well. Dior, Channel are still names we hear today. It was in fact Mary Quant and Andre Courreges that contributed to the mini skirt revolution. Most popular designers today are: Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Versace and Prada.

Fashion also covers the continents. Although Europe and the USA have the biggest influence over the fashion world, Africa is known for its bright colors and geometric designs. Japan, Brazil and Singapore feature in the top 10 countries of the world in fashion. Every country has its own distinctive traditional dress or vintage clothing that still features.

The 60’s allowed for more pants to be worn by women. Crop, Capri and pedal pushers were all common in the 1960’s. Pants also featured plaid, checkerboard, vertical stripes and sprinkling of solid colors as well, Late 1960’s saw the introduction of bell bottoms with their flowery patterns embroidered on them  similar to today’s palazzo pants and on trend now the cargo pants.

Ballet flat shoes can be worn with just about anything, they are smart, comfortable and elegant.

Horizontal stripes in shirt and pants are a q960’s favorite that elongate the whole look. Feel comfortable in what you wear and always accessorize with one statement piece, be it a hat, pearl earrings or scarf. Scarves can be used as head coverings together with large sunglasses.

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